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Hip Surgery

LA Ortho Group Hip SurgeryLP - Hip Surgery

Hip Surgery
for Long-Lasting Relief

Your hips help you rotate your body and move freely throughout your activities every day. And if you’ve ever experienced a hip injury, you know that the way your body relies on your hips is more pronounced than ever when there’s discomfort involved.

Whether you’ve experienced an injury or have worsening osteoarthritis in your hip joints, our team of expert physicians is able to help you regain comfort and mobility with hip surgery performed via the latest in surgical techniques.

Start with a consultation, where you’ll share your history and concerns with one of our doctors.

Learn about all of your surgical options, so you can feel confident in your next steps.

After your surgery, keep up with your follow-up care for the best results.

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Are You a

Schedule an appointment today if you are experiencing:

  • Aching pain that worsens at night
  • Trouble walking, especially up stairs
  • No relief after other treatment options

After hip surgery, your medical team will help you with mobility exercises designed to speed your healing and move you toward the best possible results.

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