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Three Exercises That Can Strengthen Your Lower Back


Three Exercises That Can Strengthen Your Lower Back

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The lower back can become painful for a myriad of reasons, most of which relate to muscle strains or simple overuse of the back from heavy lifting. Being overweight is among the most common causes of lower back pain as well. If you’ve ever suffered from pain in this area of the back, you likely understand just how difficult it can be to lead a normal life until the back pain goes away. In order to minimize the amount of pain you’re going through, it’s highly recommended that you strengthen your lower back with some exercises, of which three are detailed in the following.

1. Lateral Leg Raises

This exercise strengthens the hip abductor muscles, which helps with balance and mobility while lessening the possibility of lower back pain. To start this exercise, you will need to lie down on one side while keeping the lower leg slightly bent. You should then bring your belly button in before raising your top leg while keeping the rest of your body still. Hold this for two seconds before repeating ten times. You should then perform the exercise on your other leg.

2. Partial Curls

Partial curls are designed primarily to strengthen the abdominal muscles, which provide essential support to the spine and will reduce the possibility that you suffer from lower back pain in the future. To perform this exercise, lie down on the floor with your feet flattened against it and your knees bent. Your hands should also be crossed over your chest. You should then take a deep breath. Once you do so, you should exhale while you pull your belly button inwards. Your shoulders should then be lifted off the ground by a few inches before you return to the initial position. Repeat this exercise ten times for each of three sets.

3. Bridges

This exercise helps to strengthen the gluteus maximus muscle in the buttocks, which stabilizes the lower back and hip joints. To begin this exercise, lie down on the floor with your feet flattened. The distance between your feet should be akin to the width of your hip. Place your hands at your sides before pressing your feet directly into the floor and lifting the buttocks off the ground. Your shoulders should remain on the floor while you hold this position for anywhere from 10-15 seconds. Lower the buttocks down before repeating the exercise around 15 times in each of three sets.