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How to Avoid Back Pain During the Holidays

How to Avoid Back Pain During the Holidays - Los Angeles Orthopedic Group

How to Avoid Back Pain During the Holidays

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Preparing for the holidays can be a wonderful opportunity to spend time with loved ones. However, it can also be a time when you could find yourself dealing with the type of back pain that may have you seeking assistance from an orthopedic specialist. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to minimize your odds of experiencing back pain when enjoying your yuletide festivities and gatherings.

Explore Indoor Exercises 

Oftentimes, people slack off with exercise during the holidays because there aren’t as many opportunities to get outdoors. But there are plenty of ways to effectively strengthen the core muscles that support your spine while indoors. For instance, you could swim in a heated pool, join a gym or fitness center, or go for walks in indoor shopping complexes.

Take Time to De-Stress 

From dealing with last minute meal plan changes to crossing things off your never-ending to-do list, there are many possible sources of stress and anxiety during the holidays. The problem with being overly stressed is that too much stress boosts the production of stress-related hormones and creates excess muscle tension – which means a chance of experiencing back pain. Reduce your holiday stress by:

  • Pacing yourself
  • Giving yourself time to relax and unwind
  • Practicing deep breathing and other relaxation techniques when you feel overwhelmed

Watch Your Diet 

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to some holiday treats or mouthwatering meals. Still, you want to avoid getting into the habit of overindulging, especially if your holiday routine includes making appearances at multiple holiday parties and gatherings. Be particularly cautious with your intake of sugary snacks, excessive carbs and starches, and high-calorie foods. Instead, keep your spine-supporting structures healthy with back-friendly food choicesthat include veggies, seasonal fruit, and low-calorie goodies.

Know When to Ask for Help 

Too many people attempt to do everything themselves during the holidays. You’ll reduce your risk of doing something that leads to back or neck pain if you err on the side of caution and get help with some of your holiday tasks. With decorations, especially, it can be a smart move to have someone steady the ladder, hand you stuff, or lend a hand with getting boxes out of the basement or attic so you’re not constantly making repetitious movements.

Finally, if you know you’ll be standing for long hours in the kitchen or while decking your halls, considering using a back brace or lumbar support belt. These devices can come in handy by helping you maintain your posture while also easing stress on your spine. Such devices can also reduce your risk of experiencing back problems if you’ll be bending, reaching, or stretching a lot while getting your home ready for the holidays.